Your Girlfriend, Jack Daniels, and 3am


the stamina-prolonging powers of liquor
are matched only by the concurrent brain-cell killing powers
and someday I will miss those brain cells, but not tonight.
Tonight, the words are flowing out of me poetic ripe and no one can argue me out of my fine feeling.


Meeting people is entirely a crapshoot,
Especially when you have very particular tastes.
I like girls with masculine energy
who can still show off their girly sides from time to time.
I like girls with partially shaved heads and boy’s names,
Men’s wardrobes and girl’s names
Genderbender drag motherfuckers

Because they are entirely bold and brave.

These are few, far between, and often already taken.


thank you for talking to me about femme phobia
no other butch girls will do that
because I’m so obviously femme
and they don’t want to get punched in the face.


I can’t stop thinking about that person I met that Saturday.
Such great butch posturing, and
Such an excellent sense of drag.

The sparks between us were so furious and dense
That before we even touched
Just standing, cruising each other, a few feet apart
Our friend told us to get a room.
I gladly would have
But her partner probably wouldn’t have appreciated us

Fucking merely a wall away.


when I first arrived
already had 3 or 4 drinks in me
feeling good, rowdy, cruising the room
I sat on the couch next to the hottest dyke
And began to chat her up

When someone asked what we were doing, I yelled
"She's gonna take her shirt off for us!"
She said, “my girlfriend wouldn’t appreciate it”
I responded “no, I bet she’d find it exciting”

She moved to the other side of the room.

It was ok, in the end.
Her girlfriend was much cuter,
More well-spoken and interesting,
And flirted with me like she was born to.


its 5:30 am and I drag myself off your bed to find the rolling papers in the kitchen. My face was near them earlier, so I knew where they were.

As I hand them to you
And you put your arms around me and asking
If this was just for tonight, because if it wasn’t it, was too big.

It was too intense, too possible.
You said you had a partner, and I said so did I
You said you weren’t open right now and I said I am
You kissed me in the hard and dirty and we made poetry
as you repeated every word I said

“I love my partner”
“my partner fulfils me”
“she makes me feel amazing”

your eyes two inches from mine
we didn’t blink, but instead spoke
seductions behind our declarations of love
you wrestled me down to the couch and
We didn’t need to, we wanted to.
You didn’t stop,
Although you said you should.


the butch stance:
leaning over the bar
feeling generous


you shot off the best energy I’ve felt in awhile.