<<She has manifested>>

Pull the skin apart if it’s already open
This increases the chance of scar
A multipatterened interference with the lonely sanctity of skin, an act of communion

Pull the layers of skin apart to increase the chance of scar and you will see pictures
Tables of friends and could-be-friends sitting together in community,
Taking shape without making formations
And introduction to the slippages of language

Pull the skin
The briefest manifestation of envy for its flexibility
One more chance to see a reflection just below the surface, a note that is written in code
that is constantly being updated, the lexicography of desire as a constant, a playful trick.
The capacity for stretching of the skin as far as the cuts go,
Cinnamon and lemons: the real, not the words, stand for love
And we are not words but meanings

I am broken skin stretched toward the excellent lack of god; not a desire but a scar in the process of being manifested.
That which is known in our skin is beyond the control of history
We are the words we know and depth of language is scar, pulled apart by meanings complicated by pulling
Unknown language can cut or slide off the skin. Are you open to a manifestation?
Are we intelligence or repository?

Pull the skin apart where I have cut it, expect more and get more,
anticipate language but not meaning.
Expect that any moment spent as an unselfconscious consiousness is
filling the repository for later, is building meaning,
is keeping moments sacred
is church.
Not speaking but manifesting the power of an intelligence is church.

I am a holy scar, I am a meaning standing here, sitting among the scars of history, pulling.

If language is scar, it’s also tattoo, a proud marker, a demarcation of place and time
And absolute in motion because a scar stretched and fades and language becomes something new
Or something exciting
Or something restraining or something easily pulled back, your lovers casual sweater.
A scar is current and past, recut scars rewritten history.
Cut the past and you have another scar to cover history: quickening speech.